A bottle of Windows Heresy Irish Whiskey


Her-e-sy (noun) – deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice.

But what if the result of heresy is delicious?! 

Ah, the lovely gentleness of a peaty scotch. Or the gentle sweetness of a copper pot still created Irish nectar. Lovely on their own, we can all agree. Heresy was born when  our Minister of Taste shared a scotch with his Glasgow-born father-in-law whilst our creative Minister snuck in a gentle Irish whiskey. Noting the difference in color of the two drams, the patriarch quizzed his favored son-in-law about the contents of his glass. “A wee bit of Irish, Dad.”  Growls, grumbles, and blasphemes soon followed. Wishing to spare the holiday, our noble Minister retreated from the table, leaving a fair amount of the gentle Irish in his glass. Soon, he returned with the favored scotch in hand and added it to the remaining finger of Irish. After giving the glass a gentle spin, he offered to the beloved father of his bride a sip “to check the provenance of his drink.” In doing so, the Scotsman declared, “Now that son is whisky at its finest!”  Hiding his smirk, our wary Minister sipped his first of this casual creation and to himself agreed. So began the search for the perfect complementary whiskies amongst heather and hill. This was the casual birth of what the Scotsman would have surely screamed, “Heresy!” had he known the contents of the glass that day. What we discovered was the meeting of Scottish peat and smoke with the sweet gentleness of the Irish, making each better together by creating layers of flavor that don’t exist apart. The American oak in which both spirits were aged lends a familiar caramel and stonefruit whilst the Caribbean rum casks where we finish the blend for Heresy Irish Whiskey, creating an international mouthful of flavors that, like all good blends, are better for the union.

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