A bottle of Windows Batch One Blended Bourbon

Batch One Blended Bourbon

There can only be one first

Batch One Blended Bourbon from Windows Distillery is a blend of straight bourbon whiskeys finished in port, sherry and maple casks. These 4–6 six-year-old bourbons blend to form the base we hand finish with meticulous day-to-day attention. Harken back to youthful days when the local candy proprietor would let eager kids with time on their summer-loving hands “run the counter” with different candy flavors: chocolate, cocoa, strawberry crème, light toasted marshmallow, and raisin meet the nose. 

Given a few casual moments to allow the dark apricot jam, honey-soaked dates, African chocolate, and dense caramel to meet the palate.

Slow proofing (over two months just to add the limestone water) finishes the bourbon with a reward of warmth and roundness for your patience. 

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