A bottle of Windows Batch Two Blended Bourbon

Batch Two Blended Bourbon

Bright Texas days, mellow Tennessee corn, traditional Kentucky background notes, and sweet Illinois corn: four states’ bourbons go into this bold blend, our Batch Two Blended Bourbon. On its own, the blend is bold and brawny, like the stills that form it and the sun that warms the southern rickhouses in which the American oak barrels age.

Molasses, dark cocoa, cola, and dark chocolate bonbon create the first sips of this blend. On the finish, our addition of fruitwood and cinnamon stick smoke add a lasting finish that complements the spirit yet surprises the palette.

We finish it with a blue granite filtered proofing water that we age for months in our bourbon casks and add over two months to slowly proof the bourbon to preserve the flavors so many have labored to create. 

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