A bottle of Windows Orchard Fruit Brandy

Orchard Fruit Brandy

Finished in Bourbon Casks- Crafted to end the Old Fashioned war.

We’ve seen it come to blows: The century old rabble about bourbon vs brandy for an old fashioned. With all the ingredients that go into a first-class Old Fashioned, we felt finding a delicious middle ground would be worth the time it took to add a bit of peace around the bar. We started with a light, easy-drinking brandy from orchard apples and berries – sweet, light, and easy to “make room” for the time it spends melding flavors in a former bourbon cask. It came out a bit darker than it went in and had a much deeper taste profile. We find Orchard Fruit Brandy to be the perfect Old Fashioned brandy, though on days that end in “y,” you’ll find neighborhood friends drinking it straight.